Surfing Fun


Gary Jones and I borrowed this tent from Danny Kaiimi and set it up on the beach at Nanakuli.
The first night we were serenaded by a mahu from the pedestrian overpass in the background..
We didn't last long because it was too much trouble and we couldn't leave anything there.
Note the car in the background


Photo from an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Examiner - Mon. June 27, 1960

The article was titled, "They Sur(f)vive Without Work" by Bill Brown
The opening line of the article said, "A job is only a job but surfboarding is a way of life".

High contrast. We jump to a backyard party in Montecito with 2 of the Beach Boys and thieir wives.
This was much more fun than Nanakuli and 40 (plus) years later.....


I bought a nice sport coat from Bruce Johnson (Beach Boys) - at State beach one day some 40 years ago for $10.00.
He'd stolen the coat from Terry Melcher at a party the night before.
The coat was from Carroll & Co. Beverly Hills and fit me real nice for many years.
Probably the most inexpensive expensive coat I'll ever own.
Hadn't worn it for many years and in a bold move, unceremoniously put it in the trash can a while ago.
Starngely, that action still hurts a little since the coat reminded me (after all these years) of that day in the parking lot at State Beach.
Tom McBride