Photographs by John S. Kiewit
Gone to Sanctuary

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Cover Photo: Moscow, Idaho


Back Cover: Necanicum, Oregon


Did I ever see an old, wood building I didn't like? Maybe, but not often. The ghosts tell of work, hope, success, and defeat; stories always worth listening to. - Journal Entry, May 1995


For Linda Linnick Kiewit

who was with me all the way

Published by Capra Press, Santa Barbara, California, the album is from more than 25 years of roaming the West. 120 photographs ranging from ruins of ghost towns and old barns, churches, bars, land and seascapes, mostly off the beaten path. Each is accompanied by a quotation from an author well-known or obscure or by a remark from Kiewit's own journals.

"As the American West becomes more and more paved and McDonaldized, the icons which represent and symbolize what makes our part of the world so special are disappearing at an alarming rate. John Kiewit knows the back roads of the West intimately. With his starkly representational photographs he reminds us not only how the beauty of old barn walls, rusting license plates and weathered signposts can add to our landscape, but also of our recent, rugged past and the importance that quickly fading period plays in the development of our unique Western culture. Gone to Sanctuary is an historical record, but perhaps of greater value, it is also an inspirational reflection of our fleeting heritage." - Peter Laufer

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